1. Pile the filter into humidifier completely. (When you pull out please do it on the opposite direction)
  2. Use humidifier to replace the bottle cap.
  3. When you insert USB electric wire of smartphone, then the humidifier will start immediately and micro mood light will allso be lightened.


  • This is not waterproof products, when using the product erect, avoid the water into the product.
  • To reach normal humidification effect, please pile the filter completely into the interior, close to the oscillator completely.
  • In order to reach clear humidification effect, please use water bottles.
  • When you are aware that the spray output of the humidifier or the filter is in a pollution jam or the filter water smell, please change into a new filter. According to water level, humidification amount will be dispenser.
  • When there is no water inside, supply water from water dispenser.
  • Do not use it for the other purposes.
  • Change the filter and water bottles with aroma oil for new.
  • Please place it beyond the children's reach.
  • When you use automotive electrical appliance, electrical appliance, expensive products, pay attenetion to not make it wet.
  • Do not use edged tools to damage the surface of oscillator, or volume of spray will be weaken or cannot work.
  • Any problem happens, please do not disassemble, repair the product and contact with retailers.
  • Do not use the product into the water or process or put it into microwave oven or high pressure vessel.
  • Attention please, dropping out or striking or pulling down the product will make it out of work.
  • Under the temperature of minus in the winter, please place the product inside your car, or the water and filter will freeze and be out of work.
  • Please place the product away from human body for 30 meters, for without ventilation completely, drops of water will come into being.
  • If spray output decreases, please make it close to the filter again or change the filter for new.
  • Keep water from machine inside.
  • Dropping out the product will make the product out of work.
  • Plug the cable softly.



Voltage DC5V

Power consumption 2W

Humidification Amount 40ml/h

Humidification area about 5 square meters